lightingoption001 Lighting Recycled /MILLENNIUM CHANDELIER

Looking for a unique looking chandelier? Great, Stuart Haygarth has one just for you. Specializing in recycling odd things from around the house or a party or two. Here is his Millennium Chandelier made of 1,000 exploded Party Poppers collected (on 01.01.00) after the millennium celebrations in London. Each popper is suspended on a line from a platform above. The sculptural shape sways and moves like an organic form when hit by a breeze of air. Although this original light is a “one off” piece due to the narrative it is recreated using new party poppers. The multi-colored type is created from blue, green, red, yellow and white poppers. There is also a black edition created purely from black poppers.

The poppers hang on monofilament line held by ‘split shot’ from a 86cm square MDF platform above. The light source is a warm tone 60w incandescent bulb.

Hanging platform : 86cm x 86cm
Diameter of chandelier: 80cm
Hanging height : approx 160cm (distance from platform to bottom tier of poppers)

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