Lightweight Emergency Shelter | No Dreaded IKEA Moments

shelter me competition lightweight emergency shelter Lightweight Emergency Shelter | No Dreaded IKEA Moments

Design 21 celebrates design of the most important kind: social design. Or design for the greater good. The organization believes that design’s true beauty rests in its ability to improve lives. This Social Design Network acts as a resource that supports collaborative efforts from creatives worldwide, united in their common desire to do good.

A recent Design 21 competition entitled Shelter Me, asked participants to “design a temporary emergency shelter for deployment in a natural disaster”. First prize went to the Lightweight Emergency Shelter, which was built for easy transportation and speedy deployment. The shelter is made from recycled polyester mesh and aluminum. Best of all you’ll never have that dreaded IKEA moment of missing a vital bolt or screw, as the structure comes as a single component. The foldable framework and polyester material are sewn as one piece to ensure set up is cinch. Simply lock the joints for a sturdy shelter experience.

Dismantling is simple too, just pop the joints and it folds up like origami for dummies. Given that the most of the shelter’s fabric is recycled, there’s minimal impact on the environment. You know, I think this shelter has applications other than just emergency situations. Wouldn’t it be perfect to take on beach picnics to shelter the little ‘uns from getting a sunburn? Or what about a Boy Scout camping trips? It would sure beat banging pegs into the ground. Although in this instance, it would probably mean no more badge for tent erection, if you know what I mean.

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