Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

handbags ecoist gliving Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

I am a handbag enthusiast. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always walked around with one. My look had to be just right and the handbag was the final touch. As I became older and more green, my handbag choices seemed to unfairly dwindle. The early organic handbags were always boring colors and unstylish.

Designers are now taking that into consideration and creating great looking bags that adhere to green standards. They’re coming up with ideas on how to use recycled materials to create products that are not only stylish, but functional and durable.

Dutch designer, Doreen Westphal received a bag full of inner tubes as a joke for Christmas. Instead of getting rid of them, she decided to play around and came up with an inner tube handbag.

handbags1 gliving Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

Called Ukol, it’s literally made up of used inner tubes on the outside with felt as the lining. It sells for $198. The photo looks quite stylish and I like the sustainable factor, but I’d have to see it in person before dishing out the money to purchase it.

Passchal is another company whose handbag designs are made from recycled truck and tractor tire inner tubes.

handbags tube gliving Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

Although some of their designs are made with non-“G”-mentionable products, the faux stuff is also an option. Let’s move right on to Lotta Jansdotter Myck, who’s designed a very stylish organic cotton messenger bag with her contemporary hand drawn designs on them.

handbags messngr gliving Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

At $72 dollars, they are stylish, functional, and affordable!

I feel like a kid in a candy store! The Acme Made Tote in Plural is another stylish and allegedly green handbag, with a design for the sophisticated businesswoman in mind. The materials used to create this bag are not specified, other than real leather handles — how is that “G”? It’s not. Moving right along…

I can’t count the endless times I’ve been out somewhere and the battery on my cell phone depletes with no wall or car charger in sight. Eclipse Solar Gear has the answer for such traumatic moments. While not the most stylish, they are by far the most functional.

handbags solar gliving Limitless Options For Handbag Connoisseurs

These bags have a “solar charging solution” to fit the most commonly used electronic products. With a smart but not particularly flashy design, the FusionTM Messenger Bag contains a front flap solar charging panel that, when combined with a standard 12v automotive charging adapter, can provide a quick charge whenever or wherever. At an SRP of $169.95, this nylon bag seems well worth the price.

Can you think of a movie that moved you in such a way to keep it in the the number one spot on your best-of list? Now you can take a part of that movie with you. Ecoist has created handbags made from recycled movie billboards (see main photo above). These bags are even waterproof! At prices ranging from $20 – $128 dollars, these are 100% “G” and get a big thumbs up from me. In addition, Ecoist offer a wide range of clutches, wallets and cardholders made from aluminum can pull tabs. And they also have the ever popular candy wrapper bags.

Regardless of your style, it is clear that designers are hearing our requests and providing us handbag connoisseurs limitless options in remaining stylish and green.

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