Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

Here at G Living we really like mixing it up at a gas stations. Okay, I’m being a little facetious. BP Helios House is more than a gas station – it was the chosen location for the debut of Linda Loudermilk’s Spring 2008 collection, Windpower. Supermodel Kristi Hume and other long limbed lovelies pumped gas…I mean, strutted the catwalk…for a host of eco-fabulous celebrities including rumored guest Prince, although the super secretive star did manage to keep well out of the spotlight. How convenient.

When it comes to high-end green fashion, they don’t come any bigger or better than Linda Loudermilk. Linda introduced breakthrough fabrics like mud-dyed linen, vegan silk and milk cashmere. These were in addition to her staples like organic cotton, seaweed wood pulp and sasawashi (a Japanese leaf… don’t worry, I’m half Japanese and I had to look that one up).

lindaloudermilk002 Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

lindaloudermilk005 Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

The theme, Windpower, manifested itself in blown off collars, unexpected seams and other intentionally fabulous imperfections all with a sexy, androgenous feel.

But was Windpower a lot of hot air? Sure it’ll make waves (sorry to mix metaphors and elements) in the eco-fashion community, but will it really affect change in fashion industry all a whole? Will there be a time when fur is no longer acceptable on the catwalk? Do regular people know (or even care) about sustainable clothing? Is there enough choice out there? Judging from the people I spoke with last night, we still have a little way to go. But we are definitely moving in the right direction.

lindaloudermilk004 Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

lindaloudermilk001 Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

lindaloudermilk003 Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

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