Linkin Park Bleeds It Out on Eco Tour

linkin park 011 Linkin Park Bleeds It Out on Eco Tour

With enough creativity, everything in this world can be linkin’ed back to you. After all, we are the center of our own respective universes. Take Linkin Park for example: turns out this nu-metal cum rap-rock cum hip-hop-alternative-electronic band got their name from Lincoln Park in Santa Monica, a mere stone’s throw from Venice-based G Living; throw in the fact that emcee Mike Shinoda is also of Japanese heritage (like yours truly); and finally, that the band is hell bent on saving the environment. The co-incidences are starting to scare me.

Linkin Park takes the environment very seriously indeed. $1 from each ticket sold on their recent European and UK tour and as well as from their upcoming North American leg will be donated to tree planting with American Forests. The boys from Agoura Hills will step up efforts to go green while touring by cruising around in bio-diesel trucks and buses, running shore power where possible and eating organic food from reusable kitchenware. For their big Madison Square Garden show in NYC on February 21st, the band is working with Energy Analytics to utilize Renewable Energy Credits for the equivalent amount of electricity consumed during the show.

If you want to help the band help the environment you can make a donation to LP’s own foundation, Music For Relief, which helps causes as diverse as Aid to Bangladesh and Habitat for Humanity. Issues which ultimately affects us all. Now that’s a coincidence.

linkin park 02 Linkin Park Bleeds It Out on Eco Tour

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