Linx | Temporary Shelter For Permanent Constructions

linx 1 Linx | Temporary Shelter For Permanent Constructions

We’ve seen the container house and the pop up coffee shop, but what about the container construction shelter? Conceived by Dublin-based designer Richard Barnwall, the Linx is a two-story break room comprised of four 20-foot shipping containers. Easily shippable (obviously) and erectable, this temporary structure seems to have everything a construction worker would need, including (it seems) luxury. No more blue porta-potties, the Linx comes equipped with a bathroom, a changing room with showers, office space and a lunchroom. (Evidently Barnwall doesn’t advocate sleeping on the job because there’s no nap room.)

linx 2 Linx | Temporary Shelter For Permanent Constructions

It’s a complex design with four simple components. The modular cabin comprises the living space and comes with an integrated stairway that provides access to other levels / sections via the access module. Sliding doors allow for safe movement and also security during non-use. The corner module links the other components together while the shipping containers provides large, up to 20-foot staging areas to be used however needed.

My question is this: instead of installing this as a temporary shelter for workers who are constructing something else, why not do away with the workers and install this permanently in lieu of whatever they were building in the first place?

linx 3 Linx | Temporary Shelter For Permanent Constructions

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