Little Louie Vega | Back In The Box

little louie vega back in the box Little Louie Vega | Back In The Box

Review by Marlon Regis, BPM Magazine

In this double disc mix session, first in a series that hopes to rope in legends to delve into the classic tunes that shaped their legendary status, two-time Grammy winner Louie Vega leads off with naked vocals, raising the roof in anticipation for “It’s Just Another Groove” by Mighty Dub Katz. Vega lays down the cuts with deep soulful vocals that sometimes need no beat to support them, like “Together” by Interceptor.

And just as potent are his instrumental or dub selections such as “Summer Daze” by Nick Holder, where he caresses you, bringing the party energy down a notch for some sexy, soulful grooves. Disc two kicks off with K-Scope’s “Latin Blues,” featuring Afro-Latin percussion that is sure to take over the party. Other classic selections by the likes of Luna Project and Sounds of Blackness get overshadowed when Louie drops Michael Watford’s “Return Your Love To Me,” before capping off the session with the sweetest, most divine “Wonderful Person” by Black Masses.

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