Live Earth CD Helps Climate Crisis

live earth concerts 01 Live Earth CD Helps Climate Crisis

Remember Live Earth, the massive rock concert on July 7, 2007, organized by Al Gore and Kevin Wall, featuring 150 musical acts at eleven locations around the globe? It was broadcast in over 130 countries on television, radio and internet and viewed by a global audience of 2 billion.

Of course, you remember. If not, you should probably keep that to yourself.

If you missed any of the amazing performances, you’re in luck. The Live Earth CD and DVD was released last week in the U.S. On it you’ll get to re-visit the coolest artists on the planet as well as special features like six short films from the Live Earth Film Series and a making-of documentary.

Performers include Madonna, Foo Fighters, The Police, John Mayer, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Linkin Park, Keane, Bon Jovi, James Blunt, Lenny Kravitz, The Beastie Boys, Corinne Bailey Rae & John Legend, Genesis, Black Eyed Peas, Duran Duran, Metallica, Melissa Etheridge, the Dave Matthews Band, Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, Enrique Iglesias, Crowded House, Rihanna and more.

What’s the best thing about this collection, aside from the performances themselves? The fact that proceeds will go to the Alliance for Climate Protection, which is working to help develop solutions for the climate crisis.

Isn’t it nice to know that simply buying a great CD and DVD can make help the planet? If only making a difference was always this easy.

live earth concerts 02 Live Earth CD Helps Climate Crisis

live earth concerts 03 Live Earth CD Helps Climate Crisis

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