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As we get closer to summer, I start thinking about spending more time in the backyard. I think this every year, but this time I mean business. And as a means of being proactive, I recently went to an enormous home improvement chain to look at outdoor furniture. And to my horror, all I saw was metal and wicker.

Metal furniture, while durable, lacks the warm, cozy feeling I associate with outdoor living. It’s too industrial for my taste. Plus, what happens to all that furniture when it’s disposed of? While metal is certainly recyclable, a big chair doesn’t easily fit into your blue curbside bin, so I bet most people just trash it. As for wicker, I simply hate it. It looks cheap and it’s uncomfortable. Who knew buying outdoor furniture could be so complicated?

Looking for an alternative, I stumbled across Minnesota-based Loll. Their outdoor furniture is contemporary, durable and sustainable.

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Maybe it’s not so complicated after all.

Loll says they want the planet to grow along with their business. To help make that happen, their furniture is “constructed with comfort and longevity in mind”. Using recycled materials like high density polyethylene (HDPE) or natural wood fibers, they’ve created a nice, cozy-looking range of outdoor products with a focus on cool, modern design. It’s not cheaply priced, but it looks comfortable. And how often do you buy outdoor furniture?

Best of all, each item has been “heavily tested on humans” to ensure optimum relaxation. Of course, now my search is back to complicated. Now I have to figure out which series I want.

Check out Loll here.

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