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Lori Painter Raw Food Diet Bikini Challenge

Posted By Lori Painter On May 15, 2009 @ 12:10 am In Fitness/Diet,G/Videos,GreenChef Foodie Talk | 14 Comments

Introduction by G Monkie:

I can admit it, I am not happy with my body. Not that I am fat, odd shaped or super out of shape, it’s just not perfect and that is my own fault. I have to face it, I just sit around looking at my computer, so what can I expect right. So, when I saw Lori Painter’s Raw Food Diet Bikini Challenge videos, I completely understood where she was coming from. I may not be as brave as she is, to toss on a bikini (I am a guy, so that would be odd and might scare some of you) and start jumping around dancing in front of a video camera, but I still related. I want to get back into shape too and if Lori can get back into Bikini shape eating a raw vegan diet, so can I. Right… That is what your saying at home.. You can do it..

You maybe asking yourself who is Lori Painter, since she hasn’t been a regular here on G Living. Lori is an amazing woman who has decided to take her raw vegan life online in her own blog called Inspire2Act. Professionally she is a health practitioner . Each week Lori completely opens up on camera about her desires, goals, struggles, children and her quest to get back into a bikini fit body.

What is this bikini body challenge all about? Lori said: “I am documenting my weight loss bikini body journey with a motivation to look good naked. My desire for a lean green clean machine is through raw foods and fun balancing workouts. Looking good naked may seem superficial, however our bodies are a reflection of self love and respect. Making the world a better place starts within us. Cleaning up the planet starts with clean people. How can we create a clean green planet if we don’t do the same with our own bodies? My aim is to inspire others to act in ways that honor their bodies and the planet at the same time. A clean body clears the mind to conscious growth and a healthy planet.”

Here we go, the first video and the before body photos. Check back every Thursday for a follow up post and video from Lori.

Video Update Number 1

Video Update Number 2

By Lori Painter

Here is a picture of me last year where I was at my ideal. I weighed: 108-110. My measurements were: 34-25-35

I did lots of internal cleansing with milk thistle, dandelion, and lemon. I worked out training 2 times a week and a 2 hour power yoga session at least once a week. I also was drinking 1 1/2 gallons of herbal tea or water a day. I did not eat until I had worked out. I earned my breakfast. I made my meals last a minimum of 20 minutes, I chewed until liquid and I ate to keep me from being hungry rather than being full. I took lots of green supplements as well as kelp for my thyroid.

Well, time passed, I changed my diet to vegan. I started eating lots of grains, beans and starches. I also stopped working out as regularly. I became more sedentary, working on the computer and more inconsistent with my eating. All my good habits slowly disappeared. So, here is where that took me. This is my starting point now:

Age: 32, Height: 65.25 inches, Weight: 133.6, BMI: 22.1, Frame: small, Type: Meso- Endo


  • Bust:35.75
  • Waist: 28.75
  • Navel: 31.75
  • Hips:38.25
  • Upper Thigh( up 9″ left): 23
  • Calf( down 4″ left): 13.50
  • Upper Arm( down 6″ left): 11
  • Maybe now you can understand why I am feeling so blah! about my body. It is time to get those good habits back and rock out a hard body.

    I am not one to wait until New Years to take on a new project. I usually do them as I see fit. However, there is so much energy in the New Year that I thought I would take advantage of it and make ME my New Years Resolution. I feel that the number one thing that bothers me in my life is my body. I know that may sound weird to some who watch my videos, but being very invested in health I know that I am not in optimal physical condition. This wears away at my self esteem and my confidence. I tend to avoid social events. Sometimes, I realize I am being ridiculous and I get out and just live life regardless of how my pants fit or what the scale says in the morning. I feel like I am somewhat of a hypocrite if I do not emulate all that I educate to others. So, if it bothers me this much I might as well do something about it. Not only is health my profession, it is a passion of mine. I find that in my free time I am learning more and more about living a healthy life. I would pay to learn more and try different therapy modalities. If I was a billionaire I would still invest in my health. You just can’t take it out of me, no matter what, health is going to be a major role in my life. It only makes sense, if you don’t have your health you really don’t have a foundation to build your life upon. I truly feel that when you start with your body and clear out the garbage and fill up on the good stuff that it enables the mind to become clearer. We can take in more information, our focus and concentration is improved as well as our memory. When the mind is clear it is much easier to feel our spiritual connection and follow a life path that is truly satisfying. As we jump start the body, the mind opens and the inspiration flows through us. The whole mind-body-spirit approach is addressed just by improving our health.

    It makes sense to make this the number one step in personal development. Steve Pavlina is a huge advocate of 30 day trials. So, I thought I’d give it a shot myself.I have done 30 days on a raw food diet. My plan is to expand on that.

    The plan for the next 30 days are as follows:

  • Exercise a minimum of 60 minutes daily
  • Consume a minimum of 3 qts of water daily
  • Consume greens & kelp
  • Complete a purification program
  • I have been doing some of these for a while, but I am not consistent on a daily basis. That’s where blogging and video comes in handy. I need the accountability to stick with this and what better way than to go public. It’s not very fun sharing an out of shape bikini picture with the world. I can’t wait to share my in shape bikini picture, though. I am keeping my eyes on the prize!

    I will be posting regular daily updates on my progress, what I am experiencing, learning and so forth. I will also include my weigh in weight, my measurements, BMI, food log and workout log!

    What are you waiting for? Do you have a rocking hard body? If not, get to it! Let’s do this together!

    Check back next week…. The Challenge continues

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