Loup Charmont | A Force of Nature and A Protector of the Planet

loup charmont 03 Loup Charmont | A Force of Nature and A Protector of the Planet

While David Blaine holds his breath for 17 minutes, I’ve been using that time productively by unearthing the coolest raw green designer talent. While this latest find may look like it walked off the set of “Gone with the Wind”, it’s actually straight outta Brooklyn. Loup Charmont means “the charming wolf” — a beautiful force of nature, fierce protector and loyal pack nurturer.

In human terms, this translates to a romantic array of flowing floor length halter dresses, tunics, sarongs and string bikinis. The bloomers, nightie and plantation dress, while historically inspired, are so in the now. Designer Kee Edward’s collection is made entirely from organic, sustainable cotton fibers, with her driving force being her goal to “do no harm in the world”. Not only are there any no synthetics or toxins in her production, there are no dyes. Everything comes in a natural color palette.

Says Edwards: “I grew up in the southeast, surrounded by fields of fluffy cotton balls with a fascination for the history of cotton agriculture: the woven story of Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and finally, the Americas and the eastern shores of the United States. It’s a rich history of fiber art and human culture. I am inspired by the landscape and the beautiful old skills and techniques. Heirloom garments. Travel and the mix of cultures. A relaxed vacation feeling. Beaches and oceans. Warm sun. Budding trees and lush gardens. Farm fresh foods. Time with oneself and loved ones. It’s a purity and connection to our roots as a people.”

loupcharmont 02 Loup Charmont | A Force of Nature and A Protector of the Planet

Loup Charmont’s fresh, original look will be shown at the upcoming Designers and Agents showcase in New York and Los Angeles later this month. Kudos to Edwards who can make bikini bottoms and boots in the snow look classy. Is this particular look one I’ll be sporting? Don’t hold your breath.

(via Inhabitat)

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