Madonna Master Minds Colored Sheep FAD!

madonna dyed sheep 02 Madonna Master Minds Colored Sheep FAD!

Remember Madonna’s striped house in the Hollywood Hills? Back in the mid-‘90s, she owned a spectacular nine-story Spanish castle just below the Hollywood sign. And for whatever reason, she painted red and yellow horizontal stripes on the outside of it. Reportedly, the neighbors were not pleased.

Now she’s gone crazy with the colors again – and this time she’s pissed off more than the neighbors.

For a recent Vogue photo shoot at her Ashcombe Estate in England, the singer had her sheep dyed blue, pink, yellow and green. Not sure what look she was going for there, but the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) responded by labeling it “an irresponsible publicity stunt.”

madonna dyed sheep 01 Madonna Master Minds Colored Sheep FAD!

Both Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie insisted the animals were not harmed by the temporary color, but the RSPCA fired back that Madonna’s trendsetting ways just might inspire other people to do similar stunts and that their sheep might not get the luxury of cruel-free dyes. “It really does send out the wrong message about how to use animals,” the organization is quoted as saying (via Hollywood Rag).

So far there has been no comment from the sheep themselves.

  • IndigoPlanet

    Two gay men sentenced to prison in Malawi. Madonna & I are speaking out, add your name:

  • RyanJL

    time! Been waiting for this ep since the Madonna one lol.

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