Major Retailers on Board For Sustainable Bedding

westelm organics 001 Major Retailers on Board For Sustainable Bedding

During her high-diva heyday, J.Lo reportedly demanded 600 thread-count sheets in her hotel rooms (maybe impending motherhood has mellowed her). But you know what? I get it. There’s nothing like that feeling of freshly laundered sheets and, generally speaking, the higher the number of threads per square inch, the softer the sheet.

But we shouldn’t be focusing on thread count alone. There are other fabulous developments in world of bedding worthy of our (and J.Lo’s) demands. Like sustainable, healthier fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton.

Luckily, the home wear suppliers are catching on to our inner divas and stocking up on all manner of eco-luxe products. My favorites include West Elm’s pleated duvet cover and shams in organic cotton and their bamboo/cotton sheet set, as well as Pottery Barn’s waffle weave blanket and hemstitch duvet cover and sham (both in organic cotton).

westelm organics 003 Major Retailers on Board For Sustainable Bedding

It’s good to know the majors in home wear are catching on to what we’ve known all along: that healthy living is not just for the earthy crunchy.

So, get in touch with your inner diva and demand the best in bedding. Your body and the planet with thank you. Good night and good luck.

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