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A Green Future by Design | BBC In Depth Look At Designer Marc Newson

Posted By G Monkie On March 2, 2009 @ 1:00 am In Architecture / Interior Design,G Living | 1 Comment

I believe we will all be living in a green world in the near future. The only real question is, how fast will we get there and what path will we take. If human history is any indication of the path, we are in for a messy ride. Humans tend to take the path of destruction and exhaustion, before moving on to better ideas. Take for example our use of fossil fuels. We will take that as far as we possibly can, before we really make a serious efforts to change the way the world produces energy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Infact, there is a better way to inspire the billions of people on the planet to adapt quickly and painlessly to a green lifestyle. That path, is through design.

Good design inspires the human imagination and draws us in. We never question what an object is made of, as long as the design is to our liking. Take for example Apples new line of notebook computers. They focus on design, not cpu speeds. It’s all about the shape, and construction of the case, the tactile feel in your hands. Yet, this notebook is Apples greenest computer they have ever made.

In the early days of the green movement, we had the hemp sandals, tied dyed t-shirts and teepees. Now we have the Tesla Roadster, pre-fab modern architecture and designers like Marc Newson.

The BBC took a in depth look at Marc’s work and where it leading us all. Watch the full BBC show here, just after the jump.

Marc Newsom Urban Spaceman Part 2

Marc Newsom Urban Spaceman Part 3

Marc Newsom Urban Spaceman Part 4

Marc Newsom Urban Spaceman Part 5

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