Maroon 5 Drummer Opts For Waterless Car Wash

maroon5 002 Maroon 5 Drummer Opts For Waterless Car Wash

The guys of Maroon 5 are not shy about expressing their eco-friendliness. They’ve toured using biodiesel, used recycled goods on the road and donated money from ticket sales to Global Cool.

And now, drummer Matt Flynn is supposedly using Lucky Earth’s waterless car wash to spiff up his Volvo.

This sounds very eco-friendly, when you consider that “a typical car wash uses between 20 to 45 gallons of water per car,” while washing your car at home “can use between 80 and 140 gallons.” With an estimated 240 million cars currently traveling the U.S.’s roadways, if half of them gave their cars a waterless bath once a month, it would mean a savings of 28 billion gallons of water yearly, about 40,000 Olympic size pools’ worth.

But after visiting Lucky Earth’s website, I discovered that a waterless car wash wasn’t an enormous dry cleaner for cars (as I’d imagined), but a product that comes in a bottle and is available at Whole Foods. It supposedly cleans “all solid surfaces such as paint, glass, fiberglass, plastic and chrome. Containing organic soaps/surfactants and other high-quality organic ingredients, it can be used on a wet or dry surface.” And it does it all without harmful fumes, toxic residues or wasted gallons.

So, whether you consider it a green car wash or a Maroon one, if you want to be cool and save precious H2O like Matt Flynn, opt for a waterless car wash.

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