Mary Slim | A Greener Luxury Boat

maryslim boat 02 Mary Slim | A Greener Luxury Boat

How green is your luxury boat? It’s not a question you hear every day, but the new Mary Slim from Multimarine has sparked a rigorous debate among nautical aficionados.

The Mary Slim is a lean green machine — literally — specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption. And not just any old fuel consumption. Biodiesel. The hull is very thin and long, reducing the drag of the boat and thus, its need for gas. (In case you’re wondering, that’s also what gives Mary Slim its name.) Other green elements include the fact that it can be powered by kite or sail and has eliminated chemicals that remove barnacles and algae.

Critics of the boat question whether the 12-cylander engine and 1650 horsepower motor are too much boat to be considered green. Also, the slim design of the MS makes it hard to steer.

maryslim boat 01 Mary Slim | A Greener Luxury Boat

What I want to know is: wouldn’t your boat smell like French fries?

I’m not a green purist; I’m a big fan of small, manageable steps toward a cleaner future. Do you really need a luxury boat? Probably not. But is making a product greener good? I think so.

And do I want to ride in the Mary Slim? Oh, yeah. Check out this video about the company and the boat. Warning it is a bit cheesy.

maryslim boat 03 Mary Slim | A Greener Luxury Boat

  • grantrafter

    Hey- good story. Alan Harper over here at Power and Motoryacht Magazine tested this yacht a few months ago. Always good to see biodiesel getting more press. Here's the link to our full boat test:

    Have a good one,
    Capt. Grant Rafter with

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