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mazda taiki 04 Mazda Taiki | Sustainable Zoom Zoom

Mazda unveiled its Taiki concept at Tokyo this month and for those in the “G”, it’s nothing to write home about. This car might have looked cool 10 years ago, but it really just looks like an ‘80s model Corvette with less back end and covered rear wheels. Aerodynamics is important, but what’s under the hood?

The Taiki boasts the latest version of the Renesis 2 rotary engine that has possible hybrid capability. The Taiki lives up to its name – “taiki” means flow of the atmosphere – and the car screams “flow,” but Mazda focused on ergonomics rather than eco-nomics. And Taiki is being dubbed the parent to a new line of sports cars in the RX theme. With cars like the Aptera out there pushing 300 mpg, the Taiki is going to take a backseat.

mazda taiki 01 Mazda Taiki | Sustainable Zoom Zoom

mazda taiki 05 Mazda Taiki | Sustainable Zoom Zoom

mazda taiki 02 Mazda Taiki | Sustainable Zoom Zoom

Mazda’s theme this year in Tokyo is “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom,” so give them some credit (for their other entries, not the Taiki). Also to their credit, Mazda is tinkering with engine technology, but only to enhance performance/enjoyability, not to improve gas mileage. Renesis 2 is simply the next generation gas engine, providing better power at higher RPMs but little else.

Maybe it’s my age, but I’m more interested in a minivan. Imagine a world without sports cars…

Cool factor: B. “G” factor: D.

mazda taiki 03 Mazda Taiki | Sustainable Zoom Zoom

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