Media Watch Bono Interviews George Clooney for CNN

george clooney bono interview Media Watch Bono Interviews George Clooney for CNN

Bono, is trying out a new career as a journalist and has landed a gig interviewing his friend George Clooney on the CNN show Anderson Cooper 360. Bono reveals in the beginning of this in-depth conversation style interview, that he has recently started working for the New York Times in a featured editorial section and can see the power of journalism. Bono said “Journalist are protectors of our democracies”. It’s amazing to see these guys, with everything in life, going out and making a difference. I look forward to more Bono segments.

The major theme of the conversation revolved around both Clooney’s and Bono’s work in and for Africa. The full video is here on G Living, just after the jump.

george clooney bono interview 2 Media Watch Bono Interviews George Clooney for CNN

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