Media Watch | Discovering The Canadian Coastal Wolves

<a href="">The Natural Kingdom Collection-Secrets of the Coast Wolf</a>

Another enlightening documentary about Wolves. In the towering rain forests along the northern shores of the Pacific, scientists recently discovered a new subspecies of the gray wolf. Unlike its genetic kin anywhere else in the world, this wolf swims, fishes for salmon and roams great distances from island to inlet across both water and rough terrain. Secrets of the Coast Wolf blends modern science and traditional knowledge to create a fascinating portrait of a unique wolf subspecies and the pristine, fragile world they inhabit.

wolves targets again 02 Media Watch | Discovering The Canadian Coastal Wolves

  • hart279

    @mrskutcher when in UK a wolves game is a must!

  • MangezFrais

    ‘Alpha and Omega’ Trailer: ‘She’s Out of My League’ with Wolves and Geese

  • big_blue_wolf

    If you do ever see the light then Wolves are your team ;)

  • SteveFroggy

    Robbie would be a great signing for villa and he has lots of pals in the midlands I think villa could afford him more than wolves

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