Media Watch | Rory Friedman (Skinny Bitch) Goes Head To Head On OReilly Factor

Bill O’Reilly invited our friend Rory Freedman on to his show to talk about the rejected Peta Ads. The ads show sexy women licking veggies, and make the statement that a meat based diet can lead to men become impotent. Bill also invited a pro-meat eating women to counter Rory. So, basically it was two people saying we are going to eat our meat, no matter what, but lets make a joke about Peta’s ads, which is basically what Peta wanted in the first place.

  • franz

    Rory missed a huge opportunity to drive a point home, which would have been difficult to debate. The added Hormones and antibiotics that are in most industrially produced meet, and their devastating effects.

    While I agree with the humane angle of a no cruelty, no meet campaign… I honestly think that these adds do not drive a coherent, cohesive message home. By being scandalous, PETA misses the greater picture and the opportunity to bring the message to the broader audience.

    I am a converted and not being a woman, the message more annoys me that illuminates. It makes them look more silly that serious.

    Missed opp.!

  • Bonita

    I agree, PETA missed the point. It should be about being for vegetables and not about being against meat. Using sex to sell is the old way of thinking.

  • Kathy

    I love how Rory shows how non-aggressive vegetarians and vegans can be. Her calm and non-threatening manner of speaking was a sharp contrast to the other guest he had on the show!

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