Meet The New G Tagged, The Monkied Powered Guide To All Things G!

gtagged 01 Meet The New G Tagged, The Monkied Powered Guide To All Things G!

In-case you didn’t realize it, your the Monkie in this scenario. For years, the Monkies behind the scenes here at G Living have been going out into the world and finding cool “G” (green, eco, modern, sexy, techy, foody) stuff to write about. Everyday we post something new, but we have our limitations. We are only Space Monkies after all. We couldn’t possibly know everything and we definitely can’t write new post for everything that deserves to be covered.

This is why we created G Tagged. G Tagged, enables anyone, with or without an account on G Living, to post their own “G” finds. This includes the pro Monkies out there, who have created amazing “G” recipes, fashion lines, green architecture, or green products. You name it. If you have something awesome, and need the world to know, hit and post it.

If you’re just a normal Monkie browsing other sites and stumble upon an amazing “G” find, open and post it. We made G Tagged, super easy. It takes less than 30 seconds to post anything. You only need to find a “G” item online, copy the URL, write a small description, paste a photo and hit submit. That’s it. Our server will resize the photo, style the text, and post your find for everyone to see. Your new G Tagged item can be seen by millions of visitors to the new site and in the right side panel of and

The video below is a short demo of G Tagged in action. You can see just how easy it is to promote the best “G” stuff in the world, to an audience just dying to know what you will post next. Get ready to wow your fellow monkies and have some fun. Trust me, it’s addictive.

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