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Method Homes, a Seattle manufacturer of architect-designed, sustainably built prefab housing, is pleased to announce that its first prefab, green cabin in Glacier, Washington near Mt. Baker has been completed. The cabin is fully furnished and is currently being used as a vacation home by Method Founders Brian Abramson and Mark Rylant and their families.

Rylant is pleased with the layout and configuration of the current model, which is based on a flexible template. “One of the exciting things about our design is that it can be modified and constructed in so many different ways and sizes ranging from 800 to 2000+ square feet and as one or two stories.”

Method Homes completed the construction on schedule in just three months. Abramson and Rylant see their timely finish as a testament to the advantages of the off-site approach. According to Brian Abramson, “Construction in the Company’s controlled-environment facility results in a faster build-out (it never rains indoors), and a more efficient one at that–up to 50% less waste of building materials in the construction process. Craftsmen can count on being productive and adhering to anticipated schedules. By building in a factory, Method’s crews cut down on trips made to the site by delivery vehicles and subcontractors, thus minimizing impact to the environment.”

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Method Homes has done everything possible to insure that the construction process and their finished homes are sustainable. Method’s down-to-earth, contemporary design approach utilizes locally grown and produced building materials such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified Douglas fir framing material, reclaimed fir trim and cedar siding, as well as energy- efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures, hydronic radiant heating, whole- house ventilation systems, solar options and enhanced insulation applications.

Method’s first prefab model, The Method Cabin, is the work of the highly respected Seattle architectural firm Balance Associates ( According to Principal Architect Tom Lenchek, “We design for sustainability and energy efficiency, balancing the desire for an architecturally sophisticated home.” Balance breaks the mold of most prefabs, offering highly functional floor plans and architectural features such as cantilevered roofs. Balance Associates have established themselves as leaders in design of contemporary second homes, and Method is proud to bring their prefab model into the market.

Future plans for the company include a demonstration home to be located at Snoqualmie Pass less than hour an hour east of Seattle. Method is currently seeking a media sponsor for the demonstration home. They are also working with the Kulshan Community land Trust to design and build green affordable housing in an urban context using modifications of their current design.

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  • Arianne

    I never thought that this house would be more bigger inside though it seems small outside. I love the architectural design of it and also those facilities. It is really cool to eyes to see those design and colors. Thank you very much for this post. I really, really appreciated it.

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