Michael Jackson & Prius | The King of Green?

michael jackson Michael Jackson & Prius | The King of Green?

Never thought you’d read about Michael Jackson on G Living, did you? Neither did we. The King of Freak has done plenty of Off The Wall things in his day (don’t even get me started on the face), but not everything’s Black or White. Last month, after shopping at Beverly Hills’ Sharper Image store, the one-gloved wonder Beat It by hopping into the backseat of a Prius limo. TMZ even has brief and fuzzy video of it.

Does he Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’? Has Michael gone eco? Not sure how many fans he has left out there, but if wants to make the world a better place but can no longer stand to look at the Man In The Mirror (could you with that face?), a hybrid is a very good step.

So Michael, if you’re reading this: you get a big thumbs up from me. As long as you’re making environmentally responsible choices, I wanna Rock With You. (Just not all night.)

  • Lmbaird

    Want to recognise someones efforts by insulting them do you? Pathetic!!!!!!!!

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