Michelle Kaufmann’s Green It Yourself Vertical Wall Planting

We are really into gardening and designing. So, when we saw Architect Michelle Kaufmanns little web shows about vertical wall gardens, we had to post it. Michelle shows us how to add green to a tiny or even nonexistent garden with a wall mounted garden. A vertical garden can work in doors or on any exterior wall.

This is a Green It Yourself Project. For the project you will need a vertical plastic planting tray, soil and some plants.

vertical wall planting Michelle Kaufmanns Green It Yourself Vertical Wall Planting

  • http://www.gardenbeet.com/vertical-garden.html Garden Beet

    check out wally pockets for another cost effective wall planting solution that looks great, made rom recycled plastic and fits any sized wall – DIY installation

  • Dammi Holbourne

    I adore your bushy green wall garden. I am so much looking forward to doing my little wall garden and can you please tell me if you knew what would grow in London?

  • Sanyukta Parekh

    Hi, I am from India and I am interested in such a plantation. But i had some questions regarding the same. 
    1st: When the plants are being watered, loose soil will run down from the holding. What can be done for that.
    2nd: I am also interested in buying the plate that is showed in the video above. So please send me the details for that. 

  • Cvdw

    where did you get the trays?

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