Microplane | The Grater For Your Zesting

microplane gourment rasp grater Microplane | The Grater For Your Zesting

Originally found in the wood toolshed, this handy tool was adapted for use in the kitchen. I guess someone noticed how well it grated and shaved down the wood and figured it would work just as well for limes and nuts. And it does.

Made of stainless-steel, this razor-sharp rasp is the perfect essential tool in any G Kitchen. It makes zesting citrus, nuts, garlic, ginger and many other foods fun and easy. Many recipes in GreenChefs and in recipe books will call for you to zest something. This is the tool you need for that. All you do is grate it up and down on the blades quickly and then scrape off the goods on the other side of the blade. $14.95 at the Microplane Gourmet Rasp Graters is a good deal. It has a solid feel and is well made.

If this type of grader doesn’t do it for you, there is also a few other styles you might like.

microplane gourment rasp grater 02 Microplane | The Grater For Your Zesting

Microplane Gourmet Paddle Graters are shaped more like a traditional cheese grader, but with a twist. The paddle graders come in three versions: Fine, for zesting citrus fruits and pureeing onions, garlic, peppers and ginger; Medium Ribbon, for grating soft cheeses and chocolate as well as shredding coconut; Coarse, for grating hard cheeses and chocolate as well as shredding cabbage and potatoes. The Paddle Graters are slightly more expensive at $16.95 each.

microplane gourment rasp grater 03 Microplane | The Grater For Your Zesting

If the Paddle doesn’t answer your grading dreams, maybe your more of a box type grader person. Remember your moms old cheap box cheese grader, the one you ran your knocks across as a kid, as you graded the cheese for the pizza? Well I do, and that thing was a beast and really cheaply made.

Well, now there is the Microplane Box Grator which is basically a better designed version of that box cheese grater. This one incorporating four of Microplane’s patented stainless-steel cutting blades in one easy-to-use tool, this sleek box grater offers extra coarse, medium ribbon and fine graters plus a slicer, swiftly handling everything from vegetables and citrus to hard cheeses and chocolate. The nonslip feet tilt in four directions for ease of use, and the fine grater slides out to simplify cleaning of interior surfaces. This one is a big jump in price and comes in at $34.95

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