Mod Skin | Wonderful For the Complexion and Black As We Like It

mod skin skincare 01 Mod Skin | Wonderful For the Complexion and Black As We Like It

Looks can be deceiving. Not everything organic has to be packaged in earthy tones with flowing script and flowers. Hell no. Designer fashion labels elsom, Noir Illuminati and Katharine Hamnett are all a case in point. They’re minimalistic, have lashings of black and make a statement about the environment. The same applies for skin care… which I guess is what first attracted me to labs.

Founder and President Raffaele Ruberto’s streamlined skin care range is free of parabens, phythalates, synthetics dyes and fragrances — which means it’s naturally wonderful for the complexion and, best of all, comes encased in chic, sleek minimalistic packaging that’s blacker than the ace of spades. labs’ eight core products are exquisitely crafted for maximum efficacy. A highlight is their Weightless Lotion of Oriental Green Tea & Peru Balsam. It illuminates and protects the complexion from free radical damage and is easily absorbed into the skin. Plus, it smells heavenly. Meanwhile, the Samurai Scrub buffs the skin with spherical jojoba beads that gently exfoliate without being abrasive, and the Face Sculpt Serum Excalibur MDAE & Blue Green Algae promises to contour the face. — organic skin care that’s so green it’s black.

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