Modus Development Goes Gold

modus development goes gold 03 Modus Development Goes Gold

Phoenix based Modus Development, known for making great use of urban infill areas, has built The Galleries at Turney, eight detached residences at about 2,000 square feet each. These modern condos are LEED certified Gold by the United States Green Building Council, which rates projects for water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, and even proximity to mass transit. Depending on how far the project wants to go and typically how much money a project is able to spend, totaled points can earn either silver, gold or platinum.

That’s right, kind of like levels of credit cards or medals in gymnastics — but this is about saving money on energy and saving the environment.

modus development goes gold 04 Modus Development Goes Gold

Centrally located, The Galleries at Turney are no doubt luxurious and eco-conscious enough to receive LEED certification. Some of what helped them earn their gold star was a rain screen made from fiber cement, zinc panel wraps around each building, combined with Low E windows that prevent outdoor heat from coming inside, and high efficiency appliances like those made by Bosch. Gold status and certification should help sell to higher end clients who want to be do-gooders and look great.

I might move to Phoenix if I could afford to live in one of these. I wouldn’t know anybody, but my Gold Star certification condo might make a good conversation piece to start.

modus development goes gold 02 Modus Development Goes Gold

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