GreenChef Melissa Davison Makes a Mojo-Jito Organic Cocktail

(by rawchef Melissa Davison)

In Shaker:

1/2 Fresh Lime, quartered

1 TB Agave Nectar

Muddle, then fill shaker with ice

Fill 3/4 with Ginger Kombucha

Fill 1/4 with Sparkling Water

4 Mint Leaves, hand torn, to garnish

Shake shake shake. Pour in tall glass. Garnish with mint leaves.

mojojito GreenChef Melissa Davison Makes a Mojo Jito Organic Cocktail

  • laureen

    wow – this looks amazing! i make my own buch and am all over this!


    I love you Melissa. You’re a galactic superstar. Keep sharing da bliss.

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