MOMO Modular | Swedish Summer Home

momo house 05 MOMO Modular | Swedish Summer Home

At first glance, I thought MOMO was a nickname for a museum. The Museum of Modern… Organisms?

I should have been thinking globally. MOMO, which stands for Modernistiskt Modulhuskoncept and is Swedish for “modern module house concept”.

momo house 01 MOMO Modular | Swedish Summer Home

momo house 02 MOMO Modular | Swedish Summer Home

Designed by architect Thomas Lind, the first of these 107 square feet modulars will be assembled in Sweden in the summer of 2008. What makes it green? Their small size, solid wood materials, a roof that is to be a blend of water-storing succulents and grasses and a built-in stretched cloth shade.

Billed as a Summer Home, each MOMO module is priced at about $25,000. Not bad at all. Get several friends in on the idea and assemble a sleek-looking stay cool Swedish summer commune.

momo house 03 MOMO Modular | Swedish Summer Home

momo house 04 MOMO Modular | Swedish Summer Home

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