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Monkie Mail De-Drone Your Life Game | Starting July 19, 2010

Posted By V Ol Blak On July 14, 2010 @ 11:49 pm In G Living | 5 Comments

G Living Is Giving Away $1000’s of dollars in G Treasure, To You

Here is how this game is going to work. Only subscribers to G Living Monkie Mail are eligible. Signing up for G Living Monkie Mail is completely free and anyone can subscribe. Only one email per subscriber is eligible. Your full name must be associated with your email address, on the Monkie Mail List. No multiple emails going to the same person. (no cheating) To claim your prize, you will need to prove your identity before we ship the prizes out.

Once a week G Living will send a very special game Monkie Mail email to all subscribing members of G Living Monkie Mail. In this special Monkie Mail, there will be a set of instructions for all subscribers to follow. The instructions will lead you to the name of that weeks winner of the Monkie Mail “G” Treasure!

Are you following me so far? Basically you will get our normal Monkie Mail or an additional Monkie Mail email with instructions, which you have to follow to find out if you are the winner. So, open your email! If your name is the winning name, you will have until 5pm Pacific time, to contact V Blak, using your subscribed email address. This way I can make sure it’s really you. I can be reached at V {@} gliving.com.

It’s that simple. Once in a while we will toss in something new and fun, to maybe add a few more winners each week. We will see how it goes. The idea is to expand the monkies on the list and help spread G Living to more Flesh Monkie Brains and maybe slow down the drone infection. If you help us do that, we will give you incredible “G” treasures each and every week. So go out and tell all your friends to sign up. The more people on the list the bigger the prizes will become. Don’t keep this to yourself. If we have a low turnout, we wont be able to keep this going, so it really is up to you. If you want to win treasure, go tell people to sign up! The odds of you winning will only increase with more subscribers, because we will increase the number of winners and expand the prizes.

If your a “G” company reading this, reach out to us, and we can include your products as part of an advertising deal. (contact us via the advertising page on gliving.com) But to start with, G Living’s Treasure closet is full of some of the best Kitchen Goods a budding GreenChef could desire. Like what you say? Well how about a Blendtec Blender, or a Vita-Mix blender or a Breville Blender, or maybe $500 in Wusthof Knives, or a GreenStar Juicer, or a Breville Die Cast Citrus Press, or a Wofgang Hand Made Wood Mill and so on and so on. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, what are you waiting for! If your subscribing to Monkie Mail, go sign up now and if you are already on the list, make sure you open your weekly emails, because you may just be the next lucky Monkie!

Update your subscription preference / profile below. Make sure your name is listed with your email address to qualify to win. We reserve the right to stop the game or change the rules at anytime.

Creative Director
V Blak

Some of the G Treasure building up here at G Living!

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