V Blak Video Rant – First Communication With G Living Fans

0 V Blak Video Rant   First Communication With G Living Fans

whine community vblak video 01 V Blak Video Rant   First Communication With G Living Fans

  • http://twitoaster.com/gliving/ gliving

    [New Post] Monkie Mail Winner For Today Is? – via #twitoaster http://gliving.com/monkie-mail-winners/
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  • Bett

    I cannot find where the name of the winner is! Can someone help me, please?



  • Bett

    I can’t figure out where the name of the winner is, can someone please help? Thanks!


  • Melissa

    Great contest idea but because the format is confusing to follow… I find it hard to refer people.

  • hy

    put as much as you can on video,or audio esp. a summary of current offerrings–my eyeballs hurt! &i don't have much more time to read anything else–although this site looks very good sofar. &&i'm not interested in winning anything i already have or dont need[one has to pay taxes on retail value no?]

  • Anonymous

    I swear I'm working it for you, bro. And it's about freaking time you got on Facebook. We should talk. MUAH!

  • http://www.sweetlyraw.com Heathy

    So you're the guy behind gliving?! lol

    Very cool… i would happily take any of those prizes off your hands :)

  • Lolixx

    I actually liked the video.

    I tried to open the correct blog to see if I won but for some reason my brain couldn't figure out what you ment. Was I supposed to look in a specific post? Did I not look to the right where the blog roll appears? Or was I supposed to scroll all the way to the very bottom of the page?

    That was confusing for me. I am going to try again and after watching your video share and get people to sign up. I LOVE this site! The info is GREAT and the appearance is sleek and modern.

    Thanks and here's to you for putting up a video that helped open the doors of real communication:)


  • christina

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