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MonoTracer | Futuristic-Looking Motorcyle-ish Vehicle with a Twist

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On August 20, 2008 @ 7:26 pm In Alternative Vehicles,Biking Monkie Style | No Comments

“Mono” means “one” or “single”, while a “tracer” is — easily enough — a person who traces. That said, I don’t quite understand the name of Peraves’ new MonoTracer. I suppose the first part could be a reference to the “dry reinforced monodisc clutch” that’s mentioned on the manufacturer’s specs page, but I honestly can’t say I know what that means either.

But the mysterious moniker hardly detracts from the coolness of this futuristic-looking motorcyle-ish vehicle with a twist. The twist provides for car-like comfort and amenities with the traffic flexibility of a motorcycle. The 2-wheels and tandem seating design provides a slim body that allows for escape options in the event of a traffic jam, while the passenger area is enclosed like a car, providing a music-filled, climate controlled ride. According to Wired, it’s “a lot safer than an open bike, with stability control, seat belts, and stabilizer wheels that deploy like landing gear to keep the thing upright at stoplights.”

Meanwhile, the official press is calling it “the ultimate low drag high performance vehicle”.

Performance-wise, the MonoTracer’s 130 HP 4 cylinder-in-line-BMW-K-engine can go from zero to 60 mph in under six seconds and supposedly gets 57 miles per gallon, which is good on the “G” front. Design-wise, a gull-wing-door with an integrated sunroof provides easy access to the no-comfort-spared interior, which features safety belts and sound proofing padding. There’s also a baggage compartment in the rear.

But despite all the amenities, the cabin looks from the photos to be a bit of a tight squeeze, so if you suffer from claustrophobia, this might not be the vehicle for you. That is, if you’re even lucky enough to get your hands on one. According to Wired, the company is only planning to build 100 of these babies, which will come with a $77,000 price tag and a mandatory training course in Switzerland.

(via Wired)

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