Moo Shoes: Vegan Chic

fashion 0999 Moo Shoes: Vegan Chic

Vegan chic? Sounds like a misnomer but guess again. Enter NYC-based Moo Shoes, an online boutique that offers a broad range of cruelty-free, fashion-forward shoes, belts, clothing. I discovered them after a two-year search for stylin’ faux leather boots and fell in love instead with a few of their retro-inspired pumps and multi-toned sneakers. Sisters Erica and Sara Kubersky founded the business in 2001, where their first on-the-ground boutique was ironically located in a former butcher shop! They’ve since moved to a spot in lower East Manhattan, but will ship products virtually anywhere by UPS. Lots available for guys and dolls alike at surpringly affordable prices.

 Moo Shoes: Vegan Chic
Women’s Estrella Brown by Novacas

 Moo Shoes: Vegan Chic
Women’s Libby Brown by Novacas

 Moo Shoes: Vegan Chic
Men’s Bonham Sneaker by Macbeth

 Moo Shoes: Vegan Chic
Men’s HiTop Sneaker, a sweatshop free alternative on a classic.

All available at Mooshoes.

Via Fabulously Green

  • Cindy

    I love your blog. Thanks for all of the great posts. I love Moo Shoes. They are what made me realize that I could be vegan and fashionable.

  • Stephanie

    Thanks Cindy! So you’ve bought shoes from them? I’m curious because I’d like to get some shoes from them but I don’t typically order shoes online. Would love to hear your experience with them.


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