Moving Units | Hexes For Exes

movingunitsnew Moving Units | Hexes For Exes

Review by Lily Moayeri, BPM Magazine

Moving Units’ 2004 debut, Dangerous Dreams, was an impulsive collection of immediate electro/punk/pop reactions. Hexes For Exes is more thoughtful and, in the process, perhaps less impetuous in nature.

For some, this might mean a safer and less interesting turn for the group. For others, it could mean a more accessible approach with songs that are infinitely more memorable. “The Kids from Orange County” smacks of classic, late ’70s/early ’80s icons Siouxsie and the Banshees — particularly with the “la-la-las” of the chorus.

Hexes For Exes takes cues from that era liberally with a Psychedelic Furs turn on “Dark Walls,” especially with the keyboard work. This acknowledgement is less of a direct rip and is more about taking a specific, appealing sound bite and building an entirely original song around it. A clever trick, it works by triggering fond memories and creating brand new ones from it.

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