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Must Have Bike Gear | Airzound Bike Air Horn

Posted By G Monkie On November 2, 2009 @ 12:08 am In Biking Monkie Style | 4 Comments

A true Bike Monkie knows finding the perfect bike is only the first step to creating the perfect bike experience. To be a serious bike monkie, you need the entire car replacing package, which includes things like bags, lights, locks, rain gear, a helmet and yes a horn.

A horn on a bike? Yes, a horn, not a bell, not some digital ring tone emitting toy, you will need a real horn. Something that will blast the ear drums of all those drones who still think they need to drive 2 tons of steel, to pick up 20 pounds of groceries. The best lo-tech horn on the market seems to be the Airzound by Delta Cycle. The Airzound mates an air horn with a small water bottle size plastic bottle to hold the air. The horn attaches to your bikes handle bars with a large Shocking Orange button right under your thumb, ready to be used and easy to see. The air bottle simply straps to your bike frame. You can buy the horn for around $24 on Amazon or $40 on Delta Cycle site.

Here is a review by a very happy biker about his Airzound.

This is a fantastic product. Fits in minutes and the trigger (that’s really the best word for it!) is in easy reach next to my gearshift lever. It’s also dayglo orange, so easy to find in a hurry if you need to look down to locate it (though you should really be concentrating on braking and steering during a crisis :) )

I commute by bicycle daily and got sick and tired of idiots in cars and trucks pulling wild maneuvers in front of me. I’ve only had this for 2 days and already avoided a couple of near misses (turned them into wide misses) with it. When cranked to full volume it *really* gets drivers’ attention – even with their windows wound up and Eminem rattling their mirrors!

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