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My Sensuous Italian Journey Is Now But A Memory | Aria Alperts, Italian Journals

Posted By Aria Alpert On August 24, 2010 @ 11:48 am In GreenChef Foodie Talk,Monkie Journals,Traveling & Cool Stuff To Do | 3 Comments

Photographer: V Blak

As the saying goes, you have to repeat your actions, your issues, over and over and f-ing over again until you finally get IT. Until IT, the lesson, sinks into your being fully and completely and you have your AH HA moment. And it’s not until that moment of awakening you realize, all those moments before…the struggling…the suffering…was worth it. Was worth it because now you know. Now you FINALLY know what you want and what you don’t ever want to repeat again. And all those struggles, painful as they may be, make the awakening that much sweeter.

The ever changing, ever present, ever lasting obstacles of life deliciously presented to us all the time. Knocking on our doors to see if we see them, hear them and if so how we react to them. To see if we have changed, grown or need another repeating. And make sure you don’t get too comfortable in your accomplishments of conquering challenges cause the next challenge is right around the corner so you better be ready. Makes life interesting, though. Always exciting. Always shifting. That is, if you choose to see it. Explore it. Embrace it. I am doing just that these days. Have been really for the past 4 months. Embracing with fearless courage and excitement and sometimes patience (I’m working on that one…heee heee) my obstacle rich journey. Finally, interested in excavating why and how and what I do over and over and over again. And ultimately, realizing I have a choice if I want to continue doing what ever it is I choose to continue or not.

Photographer: Aria Alpert

And what has been so incredible to me on this pilgrimage through Italia these past 5 weeks is that having distance from my comforts and daily routines, my process and turn around for insightful moments are much faster! My tendency to wallow and dwell are gone. My well of inspiration and love and lust and hunger and thirst and knowledge has deepened. Has become clear. Healing. Grounding. Still.

And now, now I am ready to go back home. I am cooked. Put a fork in me, I’mma done traveling. Well, for now anyway. Thank you for reading my posts. I hope they were as much fun for you to read as they were for me to write. And as one journey ends, another one begins….Hmmmmmmmmmm….I wonder what will happen next….

Until we meet again my friends.
Ciao ciao…

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