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Nano Surgery Might Just Save You

Posted By Omid On February 3, 2009 @ 5:01 am In Fitness/Diet,G Living | No Comments

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If we’re all are right to begin with, that a raw food diet is best, then the future of medicine, reliant on nanotechnology… would not be necessary. What?

An article published in Advances in Anti-Aging suggests diseases and poor-health are largely the result of damage that occurs at the molecular level of the body, and at the cellular level of the body. Many believe that modern medicine is in fact somewhat of a dinosaur, and that most medicinal instruments, especially surgical tools including the scalpel, are at best more likely to injure and harm someone than help or sure them.

So what is a person to do? Turn to nanotechnology.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a term used to define the manufacturing of technology that occurs during the 21st century. This means creating complex machines capable of interacting with humans on a molecular level, or creating molecular computers.

Nanotechnology suggests it is possible to create molecular tools that are smaller than human cells, and those that can interact with cells at the same level of ability that drugs like antibiotics could. These tools would, theoretically, let modern medical experts control what happens to the human body at the cellular and molecular level, suggesting it would be easier than ever to control what happens in the human body before damage at the cellular level really occurs.

Theoretically one might be able to remove or cure cancer, or create or regenerate the heart.

It sounds like it is almost space age, too good to be true and yet scientists at this very moment are thinking quite the opposite, that it is a real possibility. Nanotechnology would require scientists build systems that would be capable of replicating or reproducing themselves. So, you are basically talking about a computer that is about the size of a cell capable of “thinking” on its own, at least enough to replicate or reproduce.

It’s almost scary if you think about it.

How Does Nanotechnology Work?

How would it work? A device would enter the body, identify harmful cells, and then hit the cells with some chemical it was carrying like the diseases antidote (a drug of some sort) until the diseased cells were eradicated.

The tiny computer could then remain in the body and periodically provide surveillance and updated information to an outside computer or medical health professional. These results could indicate the long-term health of this individual and whether they experience any type of relapse of some sort.

The objects would function somewhat like ultrasound does on the exterior, because much of what they do is reliant on acoustics to computer signals and sounds and pictures. A computer chip could identify cancer cells for example by finding the cell and then attaching a certain acoustic signal to it, based on its genetic make up. It would then survey the rest of the body for cells with the same genetic make up because all cells are different, and then attach the treatment or “cure” to cells in the body with the same genetic make up.

If you think about it, it is truly one of the greatest accomplishments every thought of or created by a scientist. Is it without fault? Not yet. As with any new invention there are quite a few snafus to work out, but not so many that it would be impossible to get done by a committed professional.

Others suggest nanotechnology may be the perfect instrument to support the circulation and metabolism of individuals with metabolic disorders, especially among children that may experience tissue and brain damage if they have a venous problem that inhibits blood flow to any of their organs.

This type of problem however is much more often apparent and common in elder adults unless the child has a rare disease that causes them to age very quickly. One other treatment also suggested for this period includes the administration of oxygen to the patient, which could assist in recovery.

What To Do About Damage

Sometimes you cannot repair the damage that occurs after a serious accident. In these cases you can try providing palliative care and restoring function and independence in the best way possible. If young children are involved they can still play in the same and participate in certain games. Make sure you build strong self-confidence.

The best way to deal with damage is to avoid it. Remember the first sentence? Many illnesses requiring treatment or diagnosis using this modern technology might be prevented if we all ate a little better. You may not have arthritis now if you had eaten less processed food as a child. Of course some children develop this condition for other reasons, but if diet is to blame take a careful look at your diet.

Someone eating raw foods will likely be less at risk for many chronic disease states including diabetes Type II because they will not ingest a lot of high calorie and high fat diets. It is important for the raw foodist to eat enough protein however, so when comprising your menu keep this in mind!

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