Natalie Portman’s “G” Turn

fashion natport Natalie Portmans G Turn

Finally stylish evening “G” shoes are coming to market. A-lister Natalie Portman has been spotted wearing a pair of wedges by Charmone (pronounced SHAR-monay), the “it” brand attracting fashion-conscious women since its launch in Fall 2006. Charmone prides itself on utilizing the highest quality synthetics and fabrics to deliver stylish shoes that are also animal-safe (non-leather), “G” friendly and sweatshop-free. Made in Italy, Charmone targets the globally conscious consumer looking for accessible luxury and fashion-forward European design and quality–an under-served segment of the shoe industry until now.

The Spice collection is perfect for a sophisticated evening out. These strappy shoes wrap your feet in luxurious velvets and tassels. Swarovski crystals are added for bling factor. The Wildflower collection features modern and highly wearable designs such as sculptural wedges, platforms and stilettos with piping, grosgrain or velvet ribbon detailing in soft microfiber suedes and tweeds perfect for either work or play.

Non-leather shoes used to be considered inferior to leather shoes but not anymore. Charmone uses high quality Italian microfibers that are structured exactly like leather, making them breathable, lightweight and colorfast. Charmone carries its mission into all facets of the production process from using last boards made from 70% pre-consumer waste to insisting that factories use water-based glue and nickel-free hardware. In terms of environmental concerns, Charmone designs are free from harmful PVCs, utilizing instead a light polyurethane coating that is gentler on the environment. What’s more, the process of creating microfiber is less polluting than the traditional factory farming and leather and tanning processes.

The G trend appears to be growing. From American Apparel’s sweatshop-free branding to Bono’s fair trade label Edun, G fashion is headed mainstream and making a major impact on the industry–changing people’s perception about what’s possible.

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