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style nature girl skin care Nature Girl | Saving the World A Strand at A Time

Who is Nature Girl? Is she: a) the daughter of a Princeton Science Professor who was onto greenhouse gases and global warming way before Gore made them naughties buzzwords; b) an avid hiker and traveller who spent years in Brazil, gaining a true appreciation of the diversity of nature; c) “a modern-day super hero who takes the lead, confronts adversity and saves us from the perils of toxic chemicals, corporate greed and pollution”; or d) all of the above. Yeah, you guessed it…

Nannette Pallrand is the brains behind the Nature Girl line of skin and hair care. While the fresh funky packaging will appeal to the urban hipsters, it’s what’s inside the bottles that really counts: organic and wildcrafted ingredients which are grown on “small, family-run farms” from all around the world.

Today’s woman wants luxurious products, wants to look beautiful, but not if it means ruining her health,” says Pallrand. “Most skin care products on the market today are nothing more than a chemical cocktail packaged to look natural and deceive the customer. Not only do they harm the customer by overloading her with synthetic chemicals, but they harm the environment by washing off in the shower and polluting our waterways, which in turn pollutes our crops and contaminates our food supply. We deserve better than that.”

Style icon Mary-Kate Olsen would attest to that. The pint-sized actress chooses to tame her tresses with Nature Girl’s Nature Rinse Lemon Thyme Botanical Crème Rinse made from “wild-crafted Madagascan foraha nut oil, wheat germ oil and extracts of horsetail and Chinese skullcap” — which can work wonders on stressed out hair due to poor diet, curling tongs and endless partying. Who can resist the other imaginatively titled products, including the fabulous Generation Nature Lemon Peel Organic Sugar Scrub, I am Nature Sweet Orange Flower Infusion Shampoo and Peace Love Nature Girl Moisturizer?

So, become your own modern-day super hero and help save the planet, one strand at a time.

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