Nature-inspired Elegance from Xylem

fashion0012 Nature inspired Elegance from Xylem

During my two very enjoyable days at the Green Festival in SF, I found myself spending a fair amount of time in the eco-fashion area (go figure). One booth that I was continually drawn to was that of Xylem Clothing. Their basic and flattering cuts were accentuated with the sustainable fabrics that they use: organic cotton, soy, and hemp. Many of their pieces, such as the Modern Twist top (shown in the picture) can easily work for a night on the town as well as a day of running errands. Thanks to the quality of the fabrics they use, you can wear each of their items alone on a warm day or layered with others as the temperature continues to drop. The Tea Dress is a great choice for meeting your partner’s parents for the first time; the Xylem Dress would be an ideal pick for your next night out with the girls. A variety of skirts and a yoga collection in the cards affirm that just about ever G woman can find something for her wardrobe.

No matter the garment, all of Xylem’s line is designed and hand made by the company’s founders, Danielle Nelson and Jazzietoo Januari: We maintain our pledge as an eco-friendly business by using sustainable fibers, reducing and recycling our waste and by not supporting sweatshop labor. This clothing combines the stretch-comfort of bias-cuts, and cozy organic fleece with the fine adornment of lettuce-edge detailing. By hand sewing and dying all garments, a high quality is ensured. The use of organic cotton, soy and hemp creates clothing that offers versatility and style with an environmentally sustainable approach.

xylemtop Nature inspired Elegance from Xylem

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