New Book Coming – March 2007

I’m pleased to say that my next book will be published by Penguin Group (Canada). Set for a March 2007 launch date, it will be based on the theory in my book THRIVE: A guide to optimal heath and performance through plant-based whole foods. However, it will be a full scale ‘diet’ book to compete with others such as The Zone Diet, The South Beach Diet, The GI Diet, etc. It will include about 75 plant-based whole food recipes and a 12 week meal plan.

I’m currently in slow-paced Victoria BC, trying get as much work done on it now. In two weeks I’ll embark on a month long, eastern US speaking / promotional tour for VEGA.

More to come soon,


  • K

    This should be very interesting, Brendan! Although I am not on a "diet" myself, per se, I am looking most forward to trying out some of your recipes! Good luck on the promo tour!

  • Brendan

    “Diet” is the category of book. It’s not actually about loosing weight, although it will help overweight people become healthier and healthier people are closer to their ideal body weight. “Lifestyle” book might be a better way to describe it.

    I think you’ll like the recipes. They’re ones that I’ve made for myself for years – “field tested” you might say.


  • http://Imonmyspace... shani

    Hey Brendan!
    wow, it’s reeeeally hard to find your email address. You are probably already happy again. No longer tortured by the late night thrifty foods conversation on the anti-thesis of everything we love and hope for in our lives and futures :)
    Anyhow, here’s a tiny little happy vegan video full of organic happiness, where the good guys win:
    meanwhile, I neglected to have my vega today and enjoyed a sugar high that made my finger tips tingle and my words slur!! :) and then I enjoyed a nice crash that made everyone around me my enemy on this nice sunny day. And then I had some organic roasted veggies. And soon, I shall have some Vega because I am a prisoner :) I shall check out your blog for some inspirations.
    take care,
    shani (hillside vitamin dept, TF)

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