New Green Fashion Label from Rashida Jones

rashida jones fashion New Green Fashion Label from Rashida Jones

If you love “The Office” like I do, you’re probably a fan of Rashida Jones (daughter of music legend Quincy), who plays Jim’s former love interest, Karen. If you’re not an “Office” watcher: A) you should be – it’s effing funny, and B) you’ll probably become a fan of Rashida Jones when you find out she’s launching her own sustainable fashion label.

Laloo is the name chosen by Rashida and her business partner Angela Wilcox. I’m sure there’s a good reason for that (maybe it stands for “Love All Leftover Organic… Overcoats”?), but what’s more important than monikers are the items themselves. Their line will consist of “swingy tanks, dresses, and layerable tees in the softest organic cotton.”

I personally prefer my tanks clingy rather than swingy, but at the end of the day it’s all about the organic cotton.

Laloo touches down this spring in clothing boutiques and online.

(via Ecorazzi)

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