New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So

honda crz 01 New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So

“For the endless joy of mobility on our earth”. Sounds like the gift of a god or something, right? Like, the great hero Honda, having outrun the titan Lexus, hath brought the joy of mobility back to his people of Oildepentia, thus restoring to the world the great boon of the Sun God, Alternativus Energus Maximus.

Well, it’s not that. It’s the theme of the booth sponsored by Honda at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, held last month in Japan. At the show, Honda unveiled two concept cars onto the world’s automotive stage. The first was the Honda CR-Z, which is basically a hybrid replacement for the widely popular but sadly defunct CRX, the second was the new fuel cell vehicle Puyo.

Both models, as fits their theme, are fun to drive and “G” friendly.

puyo honda 01 New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So

The Puyo, as we reported in October, did not disappoint. According to Honda, the word “puyo” is actually an onomatopoeia that “expresses the sensation of touching the vehicle’s soft body.” Cool (and kind of kinky). It sort of looks like something out of Disney’s Cars but without the eyes. And, because its wheels are at the extreme corners of the vehicle, it can do a 360-degree turn without moving an inch.

honda crz 02 New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So


The CR-Z, on the other hand, is cool but made nowhere near the impact of the Puyo. Truth be told, the CR-Z is nothing out of the ordinary in today’s competitive world of hybrid technology. A lightweight sports car with a futuristic feel, the name is an anagram for “Compact Renaissance Zero.” Mesh and glass interior help create a high tech and sporty interior but there’s no real wow-factor here.

And so, Honda the Great struck down the mighty K-turn and the good people of Oildepentia, in an effort to honor the great hero, decided to change the name of their great land to “The Expression of the Sensation of Touching the Vehicle’s Soft Body.” Or Puyo, for short. And so it was written.

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