New Solar Powered Car From Taiwan

solar car 002 New Solar Powered Car From Taiwan

If I lived in Taiwan, this would be my next car. Sure, it looks funny. Kind of like a golf cart with solar panels on top. But what it doesn’t look like is a carbon spewing, gas guzzling SUV. Which is precisely why I want it.

This baby emits nothing but good, clean solar powered fun. Designed by researchers and engineering students at Taiwan’s National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, it comes equipped with lithium-polymer batteries that run for about three hours after being charged by the sun’s rays. Its body is comprised of Nomex honeycomb, a fiber created for aviation by Dupont. It’s light weight, fire resistant and good on impact.

It would be perfect for my 12-minute commute and I wouldn’t even have to tap into the 43.5 mph this car is alleged to reach.

While still only a prototype, Taiwan’s solar car is expected to launch this year for around $25,000. Not sure if that’s a good price for Taiwan, but when you factor in what I’m paying for gas, it’s a good deal. I just hope the real car comes with doors.

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