Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes “G” and Vegan

shanna moakler 04  Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes G and Vegan

A blast from the past: G/Woman in the News! First Posted in 2008

Shanna Moakler is a name that’s long been associated with good old American values. This former Miss USA has appeared in Playboy magazine, on “Dancing With The Stars” and married former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker on that illustrious institution of merry matrimony, MTV. (A union that ended up – like those of her TV predecessors Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey and Carmen Elektra & Dave Navarro — in that even more popular restitution, divorce).

And what American dream would be complete without the opportunity to (allegedly) batter and be battered by that icon of American womanhood, Paris Hilton, at a Los Angeles nightclub?

But now the “Mother of all Beauty Pagents” has decided to do something rather un-Amercian… she’s switched to a vegetarian lifestyle. Moakler was recently quoted on Ecorazzi as saying “My husband is a veggie and I always wanted to try it. Our first step was making our entire family go ‘organic’. I only wish we had done it sooner! I also read a book called Skinny Bitch (by our friend Rory Freedman), which opened my eyes to cruelty to animals, and that was it! It hasn’t been that hard for me… Los Angeles offers lots of great alternatives!”

shanna moakler 03  Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes G and Vegan

It seems that Shanna Moakler may not be as dumb as she appears. Ditching America’s staple of red meat — which has been linked to all manner of nasties like cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes — and indulging in an organic, mainly plant-based food is a smart choice for this young mom and her family.

Crowns off to you, Shanna. You’re an inspiration.

shanna moakler1  Miss USA / PlayBoy Centerfold Shanna Moakler Goes G and Vegan

  • Derick

    Why would you cover this woman? I thought you only covered real green people? How is being a playmate green?

  • Elsa

    She changed her and her families diet to organic and plant based. That’s very green! How is being a playmate green? It’s not per se, but less clothes, less resources I guess. Look, there’s a bottle of Method cleaner in her Stuff photo. That’s green. : )

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