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Really A Glass Driveway? Ultra Recyclers Get Their Dream Driveway Made of Glass

Posted By G Monkie On September 18, 2009 @ 8:00 am In Architecture / Interior Design | 3 Comments

Photographer: Juan Walker

So, your the average Green Guy or Gal, and you dream of one day living in your very own shipping container. Right? You have the usual sleepless nights tossing and turning as you try to decide just how many to use, one, three, maybe twenty? Should you stack them, keep them all at one level or my favorite dilemma, should you use the containers only as the outer walls, and add on a roof? Right that last one is the real bitch. Well, I am sorry to say you now have another option to add to your dream list, what type of drive way will your dream container have?

Your thinking, What! Plus you have that confused, look on your face, I know that look. Dude everyone knows driveways are made of concrete in the U.S. Why don’t you crawl out of your recycled box and get a clue. Well, my Green friend, your wrong. Concrete is just but one option and in fact if you are a really container head like me, you might just want to checkout what the Cordell Shipping Container House and see what they are now calling a driveway, an awesome earthy colored layer of recycled glass, called Filterpave. Filterpave consists of granite and 100% post consumer waste glass material in a resin binder that allows rainwater to percolate through the paving, thereby reducing storm run-off, as well as providing for absorption of hydrocarbons (oil, etc).

The developer said “It is composed of recycled crushed glass, with a resin binder, and achieves the consistency of caramel popcorn for lack of a better description, so it has voids that allow surface water to percolate through the paving and ultimately be absorbed into the underlying soil rather than running off into the storm drainage system. It is a triple threat: recycled material, reduces environmental impact of development, and it’s really cool!”

But it looks like if mortal Container Heads like us wants to copy them, we are out of recycled glass luck. A company spokes man for Alca (the company who makes the Presto Geosystem – the driveway) said “This installation has been described by their consulting engineer as most likely the “first and last” residential project they will do in Houston as the product is expected to meet with huge commercial demand, especially for “landlocked” developments for whom expansion is limited by Harris County stormwater detention limitations.”

To try and convince these Monkies to let you into the cool crowd, checkout their very un-cool website at: ragen.com. Maybe if you toss in a free web-redesign, they will give you the honor of paying them to join the club? It’s worth a try.

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