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Oil Depletion | Drastic Measures Needed

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On May 28, 2010 @ 6:00 am In Green Report / Media | No Comments

In its annual World Energy Outlook report, the International Energy Agency states that an immediate investment in sustainable energy is the only hope in preventing a global crisis in the complete depletion of oil. According to the report, the intensification of worldwide energy usage will, within a generation, create an immense global climate change, threaten energy security, and bring on the possibility of oil shortages worldwide.

Because of the enormous economic growth of China and India, the IEA has become more concerned about the situation at hand, and feels that we must find a way to move beyond fossil fuels in order to ward off such a crisis.

According to the 675-page report, China will surpass the USA as the world energy leader. By 2015, their energy needs will grow 5.1% annually. Their need for fuel will also quadruple for their growing fleet of vehicles which is estimated to reach 270 million by 2030. India’s projections are just as frightening. Even though the growth of these two countries has improved the lives of billions of people, the consequences create an alarming global energy demand. The IEA states that there is enough oil to last us through 2030. Yet oil in Mexico, Canada and the North Sea are rapidly depleting, causing an increase in global dependence on the unstable Middle East.

The most alarming news from the IEA is the environmental impact of these changes. Carbon emissions will rise from the current level of 57% to a disturbing 4.2 gigatons by 2030. Even while implementing the current proposals for change by industrialized nations to reduce carbon emissions, a 25% increase is still unavoidable.

What is the answer? How can we help change these predictions from becoming a reality? We must research every possible avenue and find alternative sustainable energy. We must find a way that works, so that we can move away from our dependency on oil.

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