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revisions Only in LA | Drive By Art

Art curator Peter Schulberg is reworking, rethinking and recycling the PVC billboards once again for this weekend’s launch of ReVisions. From January 12th to February 9th, LA’s skyline will be dotted with what appear to be a dozen 14’ x 48’ new billboards, which are, in actuality, old advertising billboards made new with works of art by some of the city’s most talented artists.

In a city where arts and culture often take a backseat to movies and plastic surgery, the idea of drive-by art is as eye catching as it is effective. Peter estimates that “in the first day, 750,000 Angelinos will experience the art – more than attend all of LA’s major museums in a month. By the exhibit’s end, the works will be seen an astounding 40 million times.”

The idea of turning billboards into art came to Peter after some discarded billboard vinyl literally landed on the doorstep of his Pico gallery. This heavy, inky material is usually tossed into a landfill by the truckload, where it’s left to rot (or not, since PVC can take up to a thousand years to decompose). ReVisions not only keeps this toxic PVC out of landfills but provides eye candy for those stuck in that most quintessential of LA experiences — traffic.

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