Organic Candy Holiday Treats

Throughout these holidays, candies and treats will be everywhere. Kids and adults alike will likely find their sweet tooth aching for some. Of course it is always best to choose fresh, whole organic fruits, but sometimes we want something a little more naughty. Here are some organic and healthier natural options to consider for kids and parties. Most of them can be found in many health food stores and Whole Foods Markets. Also be sure to check out the GreenChefs Desert Recipes.

Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate Treats

dark large Organic Candy Holiday Treats

The Endangered Species Company makes a bite-size chocolate bar. It is organic and fair trade with no refined sugars. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to protect endangered animals. Some of their organic mini-options include Bug Bites Organic Dark Chocolate and Organic Chimp Mints.

Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Minis

 Organic Candy Holiday Treats

I love Equal Exchange Dark Chocolates. They make some of the best chocolates and they are fair trade and organic with no refined sugars. Now they’ve come out with these new mini versions for a bite-size snack, and perfect for kids.

Organic Fruit Leathers

organic strawberry150 Organic Candy Holiday Treats

Kids still love fruit leathers any time of the year. These are 100% organic with only real fruit used and sweetened with only fruit juice. They can be picked up at most health food stores or Online.


sharkies Organic Candy Holiday Treats

These are a healthy, organic candy alternative that is made for natural electrolyte sports recovery, but kids love them too. Kind of like gummy sharks. Kids also love the cool shark shapes. They contain no refined sugars and are made mostly of complex carbohydrates and natural fruit juice, so they don’t give a sugar high and crash. I have seen these at Whole Foods. They also sell them Online.

Organic Gummi Bears

esorganicbearslg Organic Candy Holiday Treats

Let’s Do Organic makes these gummi bears and other gummi products like gummi feat and gummi guys. They contain no refined sugars and are all natural.

Organic Lollipops

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These lollipops are all natural and are made with real fruit extracts, unrefined sugar and organic ingredients. The variety packs come in flavors like Pomegranate Pucker, Cheeky Lemon, Razzmatazz Berry, Orange Squeeze, and Wet-Face Watermelon.

Organic Candy Floss Cotton Candy

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These Organic Cotton Candy tubs are made with organic unrefined cane juice and natural flavors and colors. They come in flavors like Root Beer, Canadian Maple, Spicy Cinnamon, Licorice and Bubble Gum.

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