Organic Cotton Towels For A Green Bathroom

organic cotton towels bed bath and beyond Organic Cotton Towels For A Green Bathroom

I’ve got to admit I’m not a huge fan of Bed Bath & Beyond, but all that changed when I did a search on organic cotton towels and their online store came up.

I’m really picky about the towels I use. I don’t go so far as taking my own on trips out of fear of using those provided by hotels, but when it comes to buying my own, I have certain criteria.

For one thing, they’ve got to be green. And I’m not talking about the color, though it does go nicely in my bathroom. What I insist upon is 100% organic cotton. Nothing less. They also have to be soft and absorbent. The ones I found on Bed Bath & Beyond claim to be “crafted with unwavering dedication to the pursuit of high-quality organic products that are ecologically sound”. That sounds good to me. And the fact that they’re all-natural and have earned IMO certification is even better. The only thing that doesn’t thrill me is that they’re imported, which means additional fossil fuels were necessary to bring me my new towels.

I guess the moral of the story is: don’t be quick to judge the big retailers when it comes to environmentally sound products. They just might surprise you.

See them for yourself here.

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